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Professional Photography of Landscaping and Hardscapes

Want to get some beautiful shots of your new landscaping project? some might think that a drone is the way to go, however, with all the rules about drone restrictions, its virtually impossible to fly them in the city without breaking the law and exposing yourself to liability. here is an excerpt from an article in the newspaper.

“Transport Canada has a number of regulations for flying UAVs, including those under two kilograms.

These include having $100,000 in liability insurance, staying at least 30 metres away from people, animals, buildings and vehicles not in operation and informing Air Traffic Services if your UAV enters controlled airspace, such as near an airport or helicopter landing pad.

So with these rules in place, it is virtually impossible for a hobbyist to fly their drone within city limits in Edmonton legally without applying for the proper exemptions from Transport Canada, a complex application that can take over a month to have approved.” The Edmonton Sun

So what can you do? Call Trident Photography. I can get beautiful elevations from an aerial mast that can be done in places where it is illegal to fly.




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