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Edmonton Professional Photographer Trident Photography on: Exterior Architectural Images

When photographing building exteriors, its always a good idea to find out how the images will be used. depending on what message or purpose the look is trying to convey, it will impact whether or not it needs to be taken at ground level, or elevation, or if it needs to be photographed in a certain light, daytime, night, or twilight. The buildings exposure will also contribute to this decision. If you need a golden light photo of a building with a west exposure it will have to be photographed at a completely different time that one with an east exposure.

Making several visits to the buildings to scout the location and lighting options, can have a significant impact on the cost vs making only 1 trip, which is why it’s important to understand what the clients requirements are. Maybe they are more utility type images, and are there to show progress vs perfection and do not require 2 scouting trips prior to the actual photoshoot, or perhaps they need to be framed in the architects office or portfolio, and require several trips to find the right time and conditions, as well as significant editing to clean up the area around the building. Whatever your needs are, Trident Photography will make sure to deliver.

aerial mast vs drone photo showing high angle photography

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