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Wardrobe Selection for Photography, and Photo Manipulation

Something that people don’t think about too much is their wardrobe for photography sessions. I always tell people that they should wear something in the same color palette as everyone else in the photo for some consistency. Women should avoid sleeveless blouses, and really wild patterns that draw the eye away from the subject. Unless the whole image is designed to be kigh key, I also tell my clients to avoid wearing white. Simple patterns and solid colors are best, as are darker neutrals.

What if you are the only one who didn’t get the memo for your family portrait session? Never fear, Photoshop is here. I don’t like to rely on PS to do the heavy lifting when its just as easy to do it right in the first place, but its nice to know theres a back up if needed.

Here is a sample from an engagement session, where I was able to give a couple options to the pink tones of the original, to show how you can manipulate a photo in certain areas and by certain colors only.

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