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Professional Photography in Edmonton

I have been a professional photographer in Edmonton for nearly 20 years now. Providing the best images to clients for the most economical prices has been my goal since I started. To me, it is all about value. I try my best to add value to everything and ever situation by doing that little extra. I have been fortunate enough to take photos of a huge variety of things in my career.

Real estate photography, both interior and exterior photography of homes for sale, and photography of rental and BNB suites

Commercial buildings, again, interior architectural photography, and interior architectural photography

Aerial Photography and elevation photography of all kinds of construction projects, roads, bridges, buildings, mod yards, fabrication plants, houses, apartments, condos, etc.

Head shots, again a huge variety of subjects, famous people, big business people, small business owners, actors, actresses, models, dancers, professional speakers, politicians and so on.

Event photography for a myriad of things, weddings, anniversaries, family reunions, grand openings, volunteer projects, company parties, charity events, golf tournaments or athletic events

Sports photography both professionally and for amateur sports, team photos for soccer, basketball, hockey, & cheerleading, as well as game photography for the Edmonton Eskimos, FC Edmonton, and countless other non professional sports team photography clients

I have photographed countless families, creating visual records of people and their loved ones, even if their loved ones are four legged friends, I also have photographed cats, dogs, horses, etc, making portraits of people and portraits of pets.

I’ve been able to photograph things for insurance companies, lawyers, and doctors. Capturing medical photographs is a different kind of work, whether showing scar tissue, or injuries, or even photographing an iris to make an exact replica for a prosthetic, you can be assured that your privacy, and dignity will be well guarded

Hundreds of different businesses have chosen Trident Photography to create all kinds of different images. Product photography for using online and in print, documentary photography of things either built, or removed, photography of projects, and shows, and collateral images of every sort.

I have done copy photography for artists and painters who want to sell their work and are looking for high quality images that can be reproduced as canvas giclees

I have photographed small items like jewelry, and gemstones, or cable ends and sunglasses, to large items, like vehicles, tanks, trucks, buildings, and huge industrial and commercial builds and projects.

I have helped people find love, by providing insightful images that they can use on their dating profiles, for people to send prospective suitors in arranged marriages, or by showing them how amazing they are and giving them self confidence.

I have done cool and amazing chromakey or green screen photography for creating layered images that are useful for groups and teams, or for cosplay photography where they want a really awesome background to go with their outfits.

That’s just some of what I have done in the last 20 years, and I am looking forward to the next 20 years of providing professional photography to my clients in Edmonton and abroad. I would like ot thank every one of my clients both past and present for enriching my life in some way.

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